Banda Sea & Halmahera


Placed on the east of Indonesia: Banda and Halmahera the jewel of east Indonesia’s invite you to explore the deep blue sea. Beautiful place to snorkelling and beautiful unspoilt beaches to visit.

The Banda Sea is a sea in the Maluku Islands of Indonesia, connected to the Pacific Ocean but surrounded by hundreds of islands, as well as the Halmahera and Ceram Seas. It is about 1000 km (600 mi) east to west, and about 500 km (300 mi) north to south.

Halmahera, formerly known as Jilolo, Gilolo, or Jailolo, is the largest island in the Maluku Islands. It is part of the North Maluku province of Indonesia and Sofifi, the capital of the province, is located on the west coast of the island.

Both offer spectacular dive experience with wide variety of Marine Life.

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Our liveaboards’ cruise coverage mainly support Banda Sea & Halmahera. Be sure to check our trip schedule and availability.

Banda: in the Banda sea

Knowledgeable divers seek out this remote location due to a confluence of currents and nutrients there, producing an unusually diverse and brilliant growth of marine life—even for Indonesia. Fishes large and small can be found on any of the dive sites. The diving ranges from the shallow lagoon between Banda Neira and Gunung Api to the vertical walls of Hatta Island.

Halmahera: in North Maluku

These were the original Spice Islands. Until the Dutch planted cloves on Ambon Island, every clove in the world came from the Halmahera islands Ternate and Tidore.

This region features unique reef formations, with visibility 20 – 30 m, and water temperature of 27 – 28 C. Plenty of macro and micro subjects for UW photographers.