Komodo Flores Overland Tour

Komodo Trip

Welcome to the island of Komodo Dragons.

Located in Pulau Komodo – Nusa Tenggara Timur, Eastern part of Indonesia, where those stone-age creature live happily ever after. Nowhere else on earth you will find this ancient creatures. Get in touch and know deeper about this creature here, at Pulau Komodo with us – the Grand Komodo.

We also organize land tours to the Multi-Colored Lakes of Kelimutu in Flores, the traditional animist villages and ikat weaving of Sumba and off the beaten track through the jungle villages of Baliem Valley in Papua (West Irian)

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Our liveaboards’ cruise coverage mainly support Komodo – Flores Overland Tour. Be sure to check our trip schedule and availability.

Meet the Dragons – Komodo Dragon – scientifically described in 1912 as Varanus Komodoensis – are the largest monitor lizard in the world. They are top predator and all animals in the park are potential prey of Komodo dragons



Once you are on board our boat, you are ready to track through the typical dry forest on Rinca island assisted by the  park ranger who will lead the track. The mix vegetation of Komodo National Park provides habitat and shade for deer, buffaloes, pigs, wild board,  long tail-macaque feed on various leaves, fruit, flowers, roots and grasses which can be found in the park. Lunch, dinner and overnight onboard.


You will start your day with a morning cruise to Komodo Island after a breakfast onboard and see the Komodo Dragons in its original habitat – the Komodo Island. If the timing and weather condition on the way back to Labuan Bajo permits, you will be served with an opportunity to resting in “Pantai Merah” Pink Beach which is known as a nice spot to swimming and snorkeling. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight onboard.


Day 3 is the time for you to take a tour around Labuan Bajo fishing village with its pretty harbour, including a visit to Batu Cermin “Stone Mirror” caves to see the stalactites and stalagmites that unite into huge pillars. Continued with a journey to Ruteng, you may want to stop somewhere during the way in Cancar where you can find the traditional irrigation of Lembor whether to just simply enjoy the beautiful panoramic view or taking some photos to capture the moment. Lunch will be served enroute and dinner will be served at your hotel in Ruteng upon check-in.

DAY 4     :     RUTENGBAJAWA  

After breakfast at the hotel, you will have a city tour to Ruteng to visit its local market and Ruteng PU traditional village before proceeding to Bajawa. Ruteng is the capital of the Manggarai district which is known as Flores’ rice barnsand the largest coffee plantation areas in Indonesia. On your way to Bajawa you will be served with a peaceful scenery of Ranamese Lake, coffee plantations and plenty of  beautiful views where you can take some pictures. Lunch will be served enroute and dinner will be served at your hotel in Bajawa upon check-in.


After breakfast, tour to the local market in Bajawa before continuing for a journey to visit  the traditional megalithic villages “Boloji” & “Bena”. After visiting the megalithic villages, you will for Ende to be visiting the historical place of the Former President of Indonesia’ house. During the drive, you will be able to take some pictures of the beautiful scenery. Lunch will be served enroute and dinner will be served at your hotel in Ende upon check-in.


On this day, you will be visiting one of Indonesia’s most magnifiques sights the Three Colored Lakes of Kelimutu.  Upon witnessing the legendary lakes, the journey will be continued to Maumere with some stops will be made in Wuring – the Buginese fisherman village with its stilts houses built on the water, a visit to St. Paul Major Seminary which is built on a hill named and a visit to its theology museum. The day will be closed with a visit to some the traditional villages of Nita, Sikka and Lela which are famous for its handweavings before you finally check-in to your hotel in Maumere. Lunch will be served enroute and dinner will be served at your hotel in Maumere upon check-in.


After a six days of overland tour in Flores with us, on Day 7 we have to wishing a safe and sound flight and we hope that you had a memorable journey.